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Mondays with Gloria Graham Tango

Sunday, 6 Sep 2020 - 10:46AM

It's SPRIIIING!!! - the birds are chirping, the daffodils are out and the days are getting longer.
To celebrate we will dedicate the whole month of September to Vals.
The music.... the moves.... and what makes this dance so enjoyable.

Mondays starting at 7.30pm in Studio 2, Salsa Latina (12 Bath St, South City)
These classes are for all levels and cost is $15pp.

As always everyone attending our classes will have to sign-in or use the Covid-19
tracing app on arrival at Salsa Latina. Also classes will be held only if we are in
Alert level 1 or 2 AND there are no cases of community transmission in Christchurch.

Any questions? Just contact us at chchtango@yahoo.co.nz or Messenger Facebook
Gloria Graham Whittington. Stay safe and hope to see you Monday.

Un abrazo tanguero G&G

... the tango - that reptile from the brothel ...

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