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June 1st, 2007

There’s more to tango than nice moves and good technique; one of the reasons that we keep coming back for more is that every now and again we have an epiphany, a moment of brilliance in the dance, when we really connect with our partner, with the others around us, with the music, and the whole atmosphere of the milonga feels energized.

This is the ‘hit’ that draws us to tango, and to particular dance partners, the transcendental moment of bliss that we yearn for in each dance.

The keys to this euphoric experience are a genuine connection with the music that is playing while you dance, and the openness to communication with your partner. With these, it’s possible to really travel the journey of the tango together, and to express fully your response to it as it unfolds.

Robert and Ceci are offering the following four musicality workshops for tango dancers, with the aim of enhancing this possibility, both for men and for women.

1 July:

3:00pm - From Step to Step

Discovering the rhythms of tango, vals, and milonga
In this workshop we will investigate what goes on between the beats of different types of tango music, and what we can do with what we find there. Apart from learning the difference between tango, vals, and milonga music, we will experiment with ways to use double-time in the music to decorate the dance and discover the musicality of our partner.

5:30pm - From Start to Stop

Exploring phrases and structure
This workshop focuses on how a tango is put together, what its parts are and how it repeats itself, and how we can use that to enrich our dancing experience. We will encounter nice places for pausing, how to predict what’s coming next so we can do our favourite move right with the music, and know when the tango will finish.

29 July:

From Tango to Tango

A tour of orchestras and styles
This will be a whistle-stop tour from the 1920’s to the present day, discovering which styles of music we like, and how different orchestras can make us want to dance differently.

From Dusk to Dawn

A survival guide to how social tango works
A must for anyone planning to make their tango pilgrimage, or wanting to know a little more of the context of the dance, this workshop introduces you to how social dancing works in Buenos Aires and elsewhere, what the customs are, how to get a dance, and what to do with it once you’ve got it. Even if you never leave the dancefloors of New Zealand, this workshop will enhance your experience of social tango.

All levels are welcome; whether you’ve been dancing for three months or three years, you’ll leave these workshops with a heightened appreciation of the music and new possibilities for your own dancing.

The first two workshops will be held in Tauranga on Sunday 1 July, at Merhaba, 65 The Strand, Tauranga.

The second two workshops will be held in Tauranga on Sunday 29 July and 2pm and 5pm respectively, at venues to be advised.

These are workshops, not lectures - you’ll be dancing for the better part of 90 minutes, so come well fed and with shoes that are comfortable for dancing a lot.

While the workshops complement each other, the content each workshop stands on its own; you may attend later workshops without attending earlier ones and vice versa. There’s no need to bring a partner (although bringing one helps keep the numbers even :-) ).


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