Tango in Christchurch Tango in Christchurch

Intermediate/Advanced class with Gloria & Graham

DateThursday 29 Mar 2018
From8:00 PM
To9:30 PM
every Thursday until Thursday 28 Jun 2018

8.00pm - 9.30pm  Intermediate/Advanced
We will focus on musicality, technicque, complex sequences and advanced concepts. This level is suitable for tango dancers who have been dancing for at least a year and have a good understanding of the walk, ochos and simple moves.
Contact us at chchtango@yahoo.co.nz or 022 394 7694 if unsure if this level is suitable for you.
Thorrington School Hall
22A Colombo Street, Cashmere, Christchurch

In the everyday tango ... of family gatherings and respectable tearooms, there is ... a taste of infamy that the tango of the knife and the brothel never even suspected.

Jorge Luis Borges