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FSP Wednesdays back at Bealey Ave

Tuesday, 10 Oct 2017 - 20:25PM

The weekly Floorspace Wednesday Milonga and Beginners Class is back at Bealey this week, 11 Oct, and henceforth...

Thanks heaps to Michael and Sarah for hosting Wednesday nights the last few weeks.

Beginners Class 7-8pm, $12 includes entry to milonga

Contact: tangofloorspace@gmail.com

192 Bealey Ave (near Manchester cnr)

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The concern of taking a dance step makes people’s face be contracted; a wrinkle appears on the forehead between the eyes and “crow’s feet” are formed with each movement. The disgust, when one has not moved one’s foot according to the beat marks a wrinkle of bitterness on both sides of the mouth which won’t disappear so easily.

Maurice Dekobra